Tetris is life!

I was playing Tetris on my Mac the other day, and i suddenly realized that the game is really modeled on life! Yes my friends, the oh-so-addictive brick game we all played (i still play it, now what does that say about me?) is actually telling us, ‘Hey morons, this is what life is like’

A few random thoughts about Tetris’ lifelike features..

1. People are different. So are the blocks which drop down from above. Some blocks might be the same though, this just means you’ve got friends who share interests with you.

2. You cannot go back and change life. The blocks in Tetris move only down and not in the reverse direction.

3. Sometimes you find the right fit (in your career, a perfect life partner, whatever) and when you find that fit, you cease to exist as a discrete unit. You become a part of whatever institution. Same thing happens when a block fits into a proper slot. It ceases to exist in its previous form.

4. Sometimes you have to be flexible in life, probably change yourself, to fit into a relationship or your workplace. Similarly, some blocks have to turned and twisted in order to fit them into the holes.

5. Teamwork. If all the blocks don’t twist and turn around to fit properly, its GAME OVER pretty soon. But if you keep playing good, the game only becomes faster and tougher. Thats like when you do good work with your team, you get promoted to a bigger position with more responsibility.

6. Ok this is a little too deep and I don’t believe it but i’ll say it anyway. Maybe (and thats a BIG maybe), just like a Tetris player, there is someone/something out there using some buttons to play with our lives.

Wow. I cannot believe that small game has so much deep shit in it!

If you read all the above stuff, you are vetti-er than I am. Go do something constructive! Or at least go play Tetris…


11 Responses to Tetris is life!

  1. Madhu says:

    “If you read all the above stuff, you are vetti-er than I am.” Indha madhri kuppai post ezhudhum podhu, idhu onnu sollida vendiyadhu ellarum… Adi vanga pora nee en kitta!

    Btw, I didn’t really realize how very vetti you are… Hmmm…

  2. Hi Thamizhan,
    Try letting Tetris-webmaster aware of your post 😉 You might get some cash prize… Already Oscar, Nobel yellam vangiyachulla 😛 . Byw Long time no poems????

    Have a nice day,
    Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

  3. Aravind says:

    enna aachu?? odambu seri illaya… take a strong coffee… relax… approm-aa post pannu paaa :p

  4. Tamizhan says:

    @ madhu

    Am not any more vetti than my readers!

    @ ponns

    tetris webmaster cash prize oscar nobel???? Enna solla vareenga? And poets cannot be forced to write, we write when we feel like it!

    @ aravind

    Toooo much! Appreciate the amount of thinking that has gone into this post!

  5. Badri says:

    Good post machi, but life is never the same.”If u can’t win a game u can cheat it !”

  6. kanuuu ena achu unuku? some wind black has hit u hard…

  7. harry says:

    wind black..kaathu karuppu..thats brilliant..

  8. Tamizhan says:

    @ badri

    Life ku cheat codes endha websitela kedaikum 😀

    @ fever

    hehe hehe! Arasiyal la idhellaam saadhaarnamappa!

    @ haripi

    sondhama edhaavdhu ezhudhu machi…

  9. interesting connections.

  10. Madhu says:

    Thoo! ‘windblack’… ‘kaathu karupu’… brilliant? Are you out of your mind?

  11. Mythreyee says:

    lol.. ayyo paavam enga anna (scudie thaan, captain illa!)… oru kaalathula bomberman naal poora vilayaadittu kanavu-la kooda life-size balloons attack panrachey bomb pottu verattinaan (pun intended :P), aduthathu ippo tetris.. rama rama..

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