Was listening to the Paathshaala song from Rang De Basanti and suddenly went into flashback mode, reminiscing about my PSBB days.. The song goes something like this,

na koi padhne wala na koi sikhnewala..
apni toh paathshala masti ki paathshala..

For the National Language Impaired, that translates to,

No one to study, No one to learn..
At our school, we learn how to have fun..

Hey, that actually rhymes!! 😀

Dharma, Vimal, I miss you guys and the times we had together!

How can I forget all the bunking, the movies, Dumb Charades, Simon sir, ‘Om’ concept :D, DEAS trip (with Sika!) and all the other moments..

If you stumble onto this page by chance, leave a comment!

Pardon me, my regular readers. I needed to put that sign out, just in case these guys stopped by.. Regular programming (if there was anything like that) will continue!


4 Responses to Paathshaala

  1. My Schooldays went the same way too da … btw you could’ve put in more keywords for your friends to follow up to this page

  2. Tamizhan says:

    Machi, its not like they’ll google for me! 🙂 But i gotta add keywords…

  3. Yenna thamizhan, apram yaru yaru kitta mothu vangneenga? yentha paper’la muttai, medal? apram kadala potathu, mokka potathu ? 😉 ithellam sollama…Looking forward for your next post on those 😛

    Have a nice day,
    Ponnarasi Kothandaraman.

  4. met badri the other day! una pathi neriya kisu kisu sonnan!!!
    my god HW

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