The first time

It was probably D’s first time on a plane. He says its his second time, but hey, that child like excitement makes it a moot point!

So, we get on the plane to Kolkata, and put our bags in in the racks above. The ‘fasten seatbelts’ sign glows and the air hostesses begin to close the doors on the overhead racks.

D turns to A and asks, ‘Machan, why are they closing the racks da?’

Tell me my readers, was it D’s first time on a plane? 😀


8 Responses to The first time

  1. Vijaikrishna says:

    Enna da, D lost his virginity ya ? Am yet to 😦

  2. Is this really about air travel? :O Vijaikrishna’s Comment makes a different angle/sense. Sari ilaye… :))

    Have a nice day,
    Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

  3. Vijaikrishna says:

    Aahaaa …. naan air travel pathi dhan sonnen … god promise

  4. Wicked Angel says:

    Paavam D. Why don’t you guys let him enjoy his moment, instead of bullying him. 😀

    Vijai – Idhellam yaarachum kaettaangalaa? Toooooo much info here!

  5. Mr.Abdominous yaaru da andhu pava pata D…
    idhula oru quiz madhiri vera..

  6. Harish says:

    kandippa! 🙂

    but dont u think it’s better than looking at the air hostess with a tray full of sweets and saying “Happy B’day!”? 🙂

    but hey! I was only 2 n a half years old!

  7. vasudha says:

    @ harish

    vaazhkaila romba theliva irunthirukka rendu vayasulaye… 😀 uttaa appove treat kooda keturpa…

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