Is WiFi ruining college?

Slashdot has an article about how a study has found out that WiFi in class is affecting the education we get.

While i totally agree to the fact that indiscriminate use of Internet does cause a lot of distractions that negatively affect the educational experience, one cannot over-emphasize the fact that taking the internet out of the classroom is not the solution.

I am a student and know the joys of chatting away in the classroom. But, I have never ever surfed the internet in a class I have found interesting and value-adding.

The solution to this ‘issue’ is simple. Make your classes interesting profs!

I do have a major problem with the way the education system is structured now, but thats content for another post 😉


5 Responses to Is WiFi ruining college?

  1. :p you’re right .. taking the internet outside the class won’t help .. proof ME 🙂 but getting it inside would be worse .. you should be lucky machan .. you need not bunk classes for downloading divx movies 😛

    sari next time a prof is bugging you ping me … we’ll chat for some time

  2. Badri says:

    Sleeping in between lectures – Inestimable.
    Bird watching inside class – Useless
    Chatting with friend (sitting next to u) in WiFi -Priceless !

  3. senthil natarajan says:

    dei useless……wats your mail id?

  4. Tamizhan says:

    @ Miltry machi i dont chat in class! 😉

    @ Badri LOL

    @ Fever machi i thot u were asking suman before… mine – sudarshan.v at

  5. rommel says:

    have done this during meetings and I know a lot of other people doing it during meetings as well. mind you, these are business folks doing real business. the fact of the matter is, it is a good way to while away time during those boring meetings. 😀

    as for classes, i usually disable them. nothing productive will come from having an open hotspot during a lecture. i’d prefer students sleeping in my class than having them chat with their nearest neighbor. 🙂

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