A question for all you tamizh scholars out there.

What is the tamizh word for risk?

While we are at it, what is the hindi word for risk?

Thanks in advance for the answer!


13 Responses to Risk

  1. Badri says:

    my comment is not appearing!

  2. Badri says:

    Dai..i have seen a similar post

    abhAyam matches closer

  3. Tamizhan says:

    Mama this is actually a question i got asked by my dad’s driver when I went to gujarat. Two words he asked for, Risk and Rest. Kochai tamizhla ennaala solla mudiyala!

  4. suman says:

    machi…. for rest i think its similar to kalaippa—- …
    i think the dashes can be filled with adal, odal..or somthhing similar…. this is the closest i cud..find…
    for risk ..i am still thinking…

    anyway… machi.. i have been reading ur blog for while now..(probably a month r two…)
    i read badri’s, military’s..and urs..but i dont know y tht badri bugger is not updatin his…
    anyway… nice to be in touch…tc

  5. Rest – Oyvu

    badri Abhaayam means danger da .. a risk is different from danger ….

    daii inga thamizhlaye kandupidikka mudiyala .. idhula enna hindi unakku

  6. Tamizhan says:

    Rest – Oyvu..hmm super da miltry. But risk is not that easy i guess…And yeah abhaayam does mean danger, badri.

    Dei Suman B****, uyiroda thaan irukiya. Soundaye kaanum? Onnoda answer thappu. Kalaippu is “being tired” not rest!

  7. suman says:

    hey machi…. kalaippu + something else means rest….
    but yeah definitely oyvu is a better word……

  8. dei……mail me your number da…. i need to talk to u soon

  9. Wicked Angel says:

    Agree with saravana kumar, abhaayam is danger not risk. The closest I could think of and I think said this in ioiio’s post as well is panayam.

  10. Rest – Oyvu

    Risk – Kuruttu Muyarchi 😉

  11. Tamizhan says:

    @ Uma, Panayam is good in the life risking context. But if you think abt it in other contexts..e.g. financial, it doesnt fit too well…

    @ Anon, Who are you? 😀

  12. machi most places I think people use vambu for a risk .. like “en indha vambu”

    but I know vambu has a different meaning

  13. PEnaPunaivan says:

    ‘PaNayam’ endRum sollalaam…

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