I am writing this after watching Maja. Indha padatha paathu, nondu noolaayi, sattai pant kizhunji, alangolama aitteyn.

These guys from the Kerala film industry need to understand that the Tamizh audience is different. We do not understand if thing are told to us in a subtle manner. Our cinema needs to be IN THE FACE. Even after seeing the villain in Ghajini ripping the clothes off a dead woman, they fail to understand the lack of subtlety needed to succeed in Tamizh cinema.

I understand that this movie was a hit in Malayalam. Success in one language doesnt guarantee success in any other! A review here trashes the original, notwithstanding its success.

My theory about Maja is, Shafi was making a movie which when shown to foreigners, can be touted as “If you’ve seen Maja, you’ve seen them all”.

It contains every cliche ever invented in Kollywood. Orphans, fatherly & brotherly love, hero taking on twin villains, thaali sentiment, the local ‘feared’ naatamai, the thimir pidicha naatamai ponnu, the kadan vaddi stuff, the hero getting drunk for the first time, the morai maaman scheming to control his mama’s daughter and wealth, hero and heroine first meeting on an angry note etcetera etcetera etcetera.

Another theory is that the director was in fact trying to mock all the usual Kollywood cliches but didnt quite succeed because the attempt was too subtle. I want to subscribe to this view, as it gives a little credibility to the director and Vikram (why? why would he accept a project like this?)

Junk story, bad screenplay, forgettable songs, wasted Asin, wasted Vikram, Maja sucks.

Of course, there is a silver lining for every cloud (another cliche, I know). Here its Pasupathy as Aadhi. His comic timing has only improved since Mumbai Express and even Vadivelu cannot come close with his usual ‘hayyo hayyo’ comedy.

By the way, Dinglofi is Maja lingo for love.


9 Responses to Dingolfi!

  1. Silpa says:

    Sir, Dinglofi ku love ku enna saar samandam?:(

  2. Tamizhan says:

    Enna kaeta? Enakku epdi theriyum? Shafiya kaeka vendiya kelvi…

  3. Silpa says:

    hmm yeah…also I met this malyali girl and she said many malyali movies become hit in Tamizh..and basically they are a good source for tamizh movies (as in for making remakes)
    Is this true?

  4. Vijaikrishna says:

    Silpa, avanga vera Malayalam movies pathi solli irupaanga ;).

  5. Badri says:


  6. Tamizhan says:

    Silpa, kaekaren nu thappa nanaika koodaadhu, Y so many questions about malayalam movies?

    Enakku therium nu epdi neenga assume pannalaam? I dont watch malayalee movies at all. Not even on Surya TV!

  7. Silpa says:

    Tamizhan sir….Adhulinga, ipo indha blogla ninga Maja endra padam, Malayalm remake nu soninga, adhu naaladhan ketten. I was asking if perhaps Maja was an anamoly to tamizh remakes of Malyalam movies and if it all such remakes are worth anything. Becuase even Chandramukhi and Autograph were Malyalam remakes right?

    Aman Vijaikrishna sir, vera padatha patha pirugu dhan…cos naanga rendu peru pesumbhodhu indha padam innum release agavilei.

  8. Silpa says:

    I meant even Chandramukhi and Autograph are Tamizh remakes of Malyalam movies.
    Actually my point was, in Tamizh industry, NOWADAYS are good movies only remakes from other langauges??

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