The rain song.

A request to all directors and producers of the Tamil film industry. Leave the rain song alone!

A rain song is holy, sacrosanct and should not be tampered with. Let me explain to you the circumstances in which a rain song can be used.

1. Hero meets heroine. Love blossoms. A romantic song which mixes the innocence of rain with the sensuality of the monsoon.

2. Seduction. This is where the heroine (not the vamp) is trying to seduce the hero by cavorting in a (usually white) saree. The hero doesnt need to get wet.

3. Lovers cannot unite due to one of these: Villain, old flame, cancer, other family pressures. The hero feels really bad and stands outside the heroines house in the rain, singing away to glory. The heroine should be indoors crying. She may come out at the end to hug, kiss and make up.

That is it. These are the only three situations in which a rain song is warranted.

Rain songs cannot convey birthday party feelings, small kid lost in the big city feelings etc., and cannot, cannot have a group of dancers with the hero/heroine. Lyrics like “Un samaiyal araiyil naan uppa sarkaraiya’ are a strict no-no.

The post was inspired by the recent trend in Tamil cinema, where the rain sentiment has been abused over and over again in recent times. Movies like Mazhai, Arinthum Ariyaamalum etc.


7 Responses to The rain song.

  1. Hai,
    Rain song concept was true and had a humorous touch too…Thanks 4 stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. True.. rain songs like the one in “Nayagan” (Andhi mazhai megham) are a class apart, and can be exceptions to the three rules.. others are a strict no-no..

  3. i was thinking of the plight of the stars who get drenced in some, sick salt water.

  4. vee-jay says:

    There are other exceptions – Ajith singing in the rain to impress the director in the movie ‘Mugavari’ etc…
    Not at all a fan of Ajith, but there are other scenarios where rain songs are picturised. As long as they dont abuse it, its fine!!!

  5. You mean to say only the rain concept is being tampered with in tamil movies

  6. Madhu says:

    Rain songs ellam paravayilla, Scudie… Indha ‘Mazhai’ movie la heroine will talk to the rain as the hero watches amused.. happened to watch a scene on TV.. sathyama solren, I have neverseen anything as irritating.. These guys have to overdo everything!!

  7. u’re right.. but “oho megam vandhadho” from mouna raagam is of a different kind! 🙂 my all time fav!

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