Report Card

Name: Ghajini Crew
Roll no. 16 (Dont ask why)
Class: Yet another Movie
School: Kollywood

Asin: A+

A brilliant performance. Needs to improve on dancing skills and diction (but i guess the ‘malabar’ diction is very attractive for some people)

Surya: A

Very Good. Good homework to build the muscles and get the confused look right. The tennis ball haircut actually seems to suit him. And the flashback haircut is even better.

AR Murugadoss: A-

Above average. Gets away with huge holes in the script. Points for Indianization of the plot. Negative marking for choosing Nayantara for such an important role and also for the improbable, sucky climax.

Harris Jeyaraj: B

Average. Reprimanded for copying his own tunes and jarring re-recording and BGM.

Pradeep Rawat (Thats the villain(s) name FYI): C

Just twisting your face and mouthing BS doesnt make you a villain. No menace on screen, tired face. Needs to work very hard to be a first rate non-comical villain.

Technical Crew (Editing – Antony, Stunts – Kanal Kannan, Camera – RD Rajasekhar): A+

Awesome job. Graphics has been effectively used but overdose towards the end.

Nayantara: F

Fail. Fail. Fail. If this was her attempt to change her image after acting with old heroes, she couldnt have screwed it up any worse. The X Machi thoppai is the stuff of nightmares.


5 Responses to Report Card

  1. Badri says:

    hm…where do i sign it ??

  2. Somu says:

    Nayantra would have helped the overall performance of the movie had she been absent or if someone had given her proxy, right ?

  3. Tamizhan says:

    @ badri, idhu skool report card ill da, appa sign poda…

    @ somu, i was thinking the same thing…i came to the conclusion that if a guy had done the role it would have been better, but x machi paatuku yaara podardhu nu yosikanum.

  4. Madhu says:

    “the X Machi thoppai is the stuff of nightmares.” LOL…

  5. Deepak says:

    Am surprised you gave the director an A-, copying a story is one thing, but copying a story and still having holes int is just BS.

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