Night Life in Chennai

Yeah, I know, its nonexistent. But i am not talking about the pubs and bars and clubs which close by 11 PM. I am talking about those all-night teakadais which also serve up specialty dishes.

My favorite is Hi-Look, near Madhya Kailash. Night rendu manikku poi anga oru bread omelette, oru tea, oru dum. Its heaven!!

Also, it is the joint for IITians and the call center crowd on the way home from Tidel Park. Another exciting thing is the local celebrities who sometimes drop in. Nobody bothers them of course (Chennaivasis are too polite for that kind of thing), but hey, its kinda cool just being there with someone you usually see on TV or whatever…

While it is everyone’s fervent wish that we have clubs open till the wee hours of the morning, places like Hi-Look are the only alternative now!


3 Responses to Night Life in Chennai

  1. Badri says:

    Hi-look tea with butter biscuit, 120 km / hr in that Ace logistica,Listening to FM, Felling the chilled air…Me to miss them da!

  2. senthil says:

    great da…. 2 in morning and you were in full sense a….

  3. Tamizhan says:

    @ Badri, I am sure you dont miss anything else!

    @ fever, idhallan vaazhkaila saadharnamappa!

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