IIPM vs Blogosphere Round 2

In case you were wondering who won the first round, it was US (bloggers, i mean)! IIPM turned its tail and went back into the bunker to form better tactics.

Weirdly enough, IIPM (unlike any other B School I know) has a union. What does this union do when they realize their placements are at stake? Lets see. They write to Gaurav asking him to remove the posts? No. They sue him for slander and/or libel? No. They start a press release orgy to counter the claims made by JAM? No.

They resort to what they seem to know best. Threats and Violence.

They threaten to burn their ThinkPad laptops in front of IBM’s office if Gaurav doesnt retract his posts. (Gaurav works for IBM). This is starting to look like Kolkata in the 1970s.

So what does Gaurav do? HE FUCKING RESIGNS. While I understand and respect his reasons for doing so, I think he should have stuck in there and fought it out.

Gaurav, dude, you totally, absolutely, rock.

And Round 2 goes to…..FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

PS I think IIPM students should use that 1.4 kilo organ between their shoulders and get their management to answer JAM’s accusations in a public forum.


2 Responses to IIPM vs Blogosphere Round 2

  1. Machi seems like you are totally into the puratchi 😉

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