IIPM vs Blogosphere Round 1

It began with this article by JAM, a youth magazine, which brought to light various false claims by IIPM in its one-page newspaper ads.

After this article appeared, various new blogs started appearing across the Internet, supporting IIPM and accusing JAM of taking money from Amity (another accused school of learning) and liberally bad-mouthing JAM and its editor.

The editor of JAM, Rashmi Bansal, writes a blog (Youth Curry) and she wrote a post about these fake blogs, thus initiating a comment flame war, which I must say, is pretty funny!

Enter Gaurav Sabnis, a blogger since 2002, with more than 200,000 hits under his belt, who linked to the JAM magazine article in his post here.

And what does he get for linking to information already available on the Net? A “legal” summons! A summons that is so funny, so funny that I actually fell on the floor while reading it (and hurt my back again, but thats another story). Here is the summons.

So thats what transpired. My take on this?

I have been to the IIPM “WiFi tower” in Chennai and came back unimpressed. A 4 floored building with dingy classrooms and some parking space, thats all. Quite weirdly, 70-80% of the students there were Bengali (wonder why). A circular on the notice board caught my eye. It basically informs the students that one of the seniors there had got a job with Planman Consulting for a princely salary (these were the words used) of Rs. 17000. For the uninitiated, Planman is IIPM’s consulting arm.

I am not saying that IIPM’s claims of Rs. 25 lakh placements are misleading, just that Rs. 17000 is not very princely…

Anyways, I was itching for a fight and have now jumped into the fray! Let the legal attacks begin.


2 Responses to IIPM vs Blogosphere Round 1

  1. Hmm good going against the baddies … there are many ppl out there who are exploiting the ppl … these ppl bring real bad name even for the good consultants

  2. and challenge the right for posting our true opinions, modification of freedom of speech, a fundalmental right

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