The Cyber Coolie Union

The CITU has called for the formation of a union for IT employees. My opinion about this one month ago would have been very negative and I would have vehemently protested the very concept of a union.

But, over the past month I have read Iacocca, I am giving a lot more thought to this issue.

Iacocca joined Chrysler on the day they reported their biggest quarterly loss. With the support of the government, labor unions and his own charismatic and pragmatic personality, he took Chrysler from the depths of Hades to profit in less than 5 years.

Iacocca put Doug Fraser, then Chairman of UAW (Union of Automobile Workers) on Chrysler’s board, something that was then unheard of. He then led by example to make workers cut their wages by $ 3 each (he worked on a $ 1 salary for a year) to get Chrysler back into the black.

Just goes to show how employees can be enthused to work for the common good.

But, as Siva rightly put it, our leaders are so pathetically power hungry, this concept will not take off and if it does, it will mean a major loss of business to India’s IT and ITES engines.

Are our leaders are not mature enough to think about the bigger picture? I think not.

What do you think?


2 Responses to The Cyber Coolie Union

  1. The way information age is developing, I dont think the corruption could survive in the next decade … so I think we need to have active groups everywhere machi

  2. Erfolg says:

    Hi, Labour unions are not wrong per se. But before one rushes to pass any kind of judgements on unions, one should look at the historical context of how Unions came into being and why they thrived.

    At the start of the industrial revolution, exploitation was synonymous with working in a factory. Workers were expected to put in 12 hours of back breaking work under squalid conditions. In that climate, there was no forum for voicing the worker’s concerns and enforce a certain “humane” element in the work environment. This was the raison d’etre for the genesis of Labour Unions.

    Over the decades, these Unions themselves have become instruments of exploitation. These have come to be negative forces with predatory intentions. In many countries, unions have come to hold disproportionate political power.

    The past few decades have witnessed tremendous technological revolutions, that have made the earlier Industrial revolution look like an ancestral forefather. In this climate, free-trade and choice are the watch words. In this environment, we do not need unions, as this will only retard the materialistic prosperity that we would otherwise get to enjoy.

    Just read about Germany and France to understand what unionization has done to their economies, if you still have any doubts.

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