Naan sethu pozhachavan da, Yamana paathu sirichavan da!

Two almost-accidents and you begin to appreciate your life.

One was yesterday evening, on the way to Spencer (outside Sangam theatre, but does that matter now?), where I banged into a Sonata (or Accent) and got away with only a bent fork and a sore elbow (hurrah! the car guy didnt stop and ask for damages….apparam avanukku oru 3000, mamavukku oru 1000….yen gadhi adhogadhi thaan…)

Today, on Mount Road, i am trying to overtake a Van which is carrying BIG Sintex tanks..I draw parallel with the van and suddenly the rope holding the tanks breaks loose…Orey thiruppu on the accelarator and I was outta there! Turned around to see the tanks roll off and fall on the road…No one injured, thankfully.

I was feeling so full of life and happy at having cheated death (probably), that I hugged the first two guys I saw in college!!

I wasnt going to blog about this till I saw Vk’s post.

Its a new day, Its a new sun…
Here I am…


11 Responses to Naan sethu pozhachavan da, Yamana paathu sirichavan da!

  1. Madhu says:

    ‘…hugged the first two guys‘ dhane..? 😉

    hmmm.. look at what it takes to make ppl appreciate life!! kashtam.

  2. Precisely as madhu says….

  3. and … hope you havent seen Final destination.. ha ha ha!

  4. Badri says:

    Dai…ennada..etho iyengar bakeryla cake sapidtu vantha mathiri elzhuthiruka?…careful da machi…

  5. Me had a bad bad accident last year machi … Me too winked at Yaman, exchanged couple of smiles and woke up to see only a bad injury on my left hand.

  6. vee-jay says:

    guess you shud take care!!! Traffic is reckless here, but that shud be no excuse for us not taking care.

  7. Tamizhan says:

    Thanks for your concern everyone!

    @ Madhu( & Fever), dirty mind!!

    @Fever, I have seen both FD and FD2 so its scary as hell…

    @ Badri, machi enakku roadla thaan gandam nu irundha yaar yenna seyya mudiyum? 😉

    @ Miltry, sing the theme song!!

  8. Praveen says:

    road-a paathu vandi oattina prechanai varaathu 🙂

  9. Madhu says:

    Praveen correct-a solran paaru… avana pathavadhu thirundhu, Scudie!

  10. Wicked Angel says:

    Praveena paathu thirundha vendiyavunga ellam irukeengalaa!!! Seri dhaan.

    Ride carefully in future though

  11. susubala says:

    Unakku time sariyillai, pathu poo kanna. Pathunnaa Ponna ellai, roaday. Sariya….

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