Encounter with the lady on Seat 17A

Saw this article on Rediff. People like her make me scream with despair.

I am not belittling the Christian faith or generalizing to say all Americans are like this. But not knowing how the world works and what makes other cultures tick can prove very detrimental to Americans in the long run.

Added to this is Intelligent Design being taught in American schools. I don’t know whether we descended from monkeys or were the result of the plans of some higher power, but the mounting evidence for evolution is undeniable.

America, wake up and realize that other cultures are important and worth learning about. Oh and those of you Indians who are just as bad as some Americans, please pull up your socks and get ready to compete. Its a global village and your neighbor is more than ready to do that job you think is below your dignity to do.


8 Responses to Encounter with the lady on Seat 17A

  1. senthil says:

    i had a similiar experience when i was in melbourne… an old lady told this similiar story. Gosh! it was difficult to get rid of her.
    These people believe in satan coming back as ‘IT’ …wierd

  2. Wicked Angel says:

    Hmmmm I reckon Sathan has come back as blogs and taken over our lives 😀

  3. Siva says:

    Damn! Reminds me of Nostradamus and the way people go about using him o convey their opinions…

    Was wondering, what would’ve happened, if the BS Prakash (The author) actually whipped out an IC, and scremead “YO!! I AM SATAN”


  4. Tamizhan says:

    @Uma, thanks for visiting!

    @Fever, aarambichitiya?

    @ WA, Blog satan na, kadavul yaaru?

    @ Siva, machan onnoda imaginationku alavey illaya da? LOL

  5. Anonymous says:

    Once again, Indians show that they are second to none when it comes to holier-than-thou-ness.

    Since we’re swapping stories to generalize and denigrate an entire country from one person I thought I’d share my story. A rather distinguished gentleman in hyderabad wasted 3 hours of my life about how brahmins were the wonder of ancient india and the reason she was so prosperous, and how the lower castes were now taking revenge thanks to this ‘democracy tamasha’.

    Also, would any of you care to look into your local papers to see the latest rumour du jour? Stuff like how the world is run by a Jewish conspiracy and India’s rightful place in the world is being stolen by Evil Capitalist Pigs?

    Can we now ask Indians to open their eyes?

    On another note, I wonder how the Indian papers would have reacted if a US consul had written a similar article about an Indian he met. The fact that a professional diplomat saw this fit to turn into a public article speaks volumes about his diplomatic sensitivity.

  6. Maams I would’ve done the same thing what siva says … push the ipod in her ass and say that damn now satan will take care of you 😀

  7. MetaMutator says:

    (Just got here thanks to a blogger friend)


    I don’t know why you think it was diplomatically insensitive for the Consul General to write about his experience while travelling; note that he wasn’t even making a point, was just *stating* that public debate in the US is rather complex!

    I *would* have actually agreed with you had you simply said something like, “Relax guys, nothing American about it, for every Intelligent Design polemic, you have Vedic sciences”, or something of that sort, but instead, you’ve chosen to make laughing at Americans an inherently Indian thing. Rest assured, we’re not alone in laughing at you Americans; in fact, the Brits and Canucks do a far better job than us.

    Btw, Jewish conspiracies? Capitalist Pigs? In Indian newspapers? Would love read them if you can link to at least one; you probably didn’t get the memo as yet, but we’re apparently globalisation’s best hope in this part of the world. Read Friedman one of these days.

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