I was watching late night TV yesterday (and the early hours of today). As we all know, late night TV belongs to TeleBrands (or Kawachi, or TVC Skyshop, or Whatever). I was watching this ad for the Velform Sauna Belt and suddenly it all began to make sense to me.

Yes I want to be slim, yes I want to be toxin free, yes I want to lose 2 inches in 50 minutes. And hey I even get Roop amruta, Dant Pari and Sujok height grow, free!! To take advantage of the limited period offer (thats what the blonde said, in Hindi, honest.)

So I call 1-600-FCKINMORNS…

Me: I want to buy the Sauna Belt.
She: Really?
Me: Yeah! I think its gonna make me slim and popular!
She: Uhuh…On which channel did you see the ad
Me: I dont remember, I already switched…I think its Zee Music…
She: Sir, I am sorry but WE dont sell the Sauna Belt, but could I interest you in the Instant Abs workout system? It comes with a instructional video and a…
Me: But I have to exercise with it!
She: Sir, thats how people lose weight.
Me: Er, OK bye…


9 Responses to Really?

  1. Madhu says:

    Porumai, Kesava, porumai.

  2. senthil says:

    there is a popular saying in tamil… novaama nongu pariku mudiyuma…?
    funny post though!

  3. Siva says:

    Dei, Ozhunga vunnmaiya sollu… nee antha sales networka parthiya, illa mid-night masala parthiya ??

  4. Machi from your foto I see you are looking slimmer than what you used to be in ssn … cool machi … like siva says nee telebrands paakkuradhukku pesaama some kinda midnight masalave paathurundhurukkalaam

  5. Tamizhan says:

    actually, i was switching during the ads in between midnite masala.. 😉

  6. vee-jay says:

    Funny!!! Naan nenachadha senthil munnadiye sollittar 🙂

  7. nagilan says:

    hehe luv the pun intended in the phone number .. btw thanks for blogrolling me.. i blogrolled u too 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone checked this six pack abs workout site out?
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    six pack abs workout

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