The more you see the more you do
The television’s feeding you. with what
You want to hear, anger and fear, because you suffer

I’ve tried to give it all to you. can’t take anymore to do
With this…it hurts inside….I know why I hide ’cause
I suffer

And then I come to find everything’s o.k. seen this all
Before but that was yesterday. I try to walk right
Through the messes that I’ve made just let me enjoy
The life here that I’ve made

Words from Suffer by Staind. Touched a chord…


4 Responses to Suffer

  1. I hate the tv…it destroyed cultures, reading and being human.

  2. Tamizhan says:

    GP, the TV line was what inspired me to post the lyric!

  3. Madhu says:

    Hi Peter, howz you?

  4. Yaa machi the TV has become an obsession now … I used to laugh at when my perippa used to say that “tv is to watch once in a while … not always for entertainment”. Now I know the meaning of the words.

    Particularly the bloody daily serials are killing the mindset of people.

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