Giving time a break!

Pondy rocks! And I am not talking about the liquor alone. The lifestyle there is so laidback, you would think it was a dead town at some times.

Nanban Suresh’s birthday treat was long overdue and his farmhouse in Pondy (TamilNadu actually, since we had to cross the checkpost to get there) was the setting for some serious merrymaking.

Indian hospitality was at its peak and Suresh pulled off all the stops. Lets see who can match it

A couple of images, click to enlarge. Thanks to for hosting.

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From left: Yours truly, Thatha Vk, Haripi sitting on Rahul Dave (Rahul is a Tamil soul in a Gujju body), Satish, and Anand Raghu above Guru Ramesh

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Suresh, me and Vk, on Rue de la Goubert aka The Beach


6 Responses to Giving time a break!

  1. How was the thanni bash machi … daii you could have made it to the get-together we arranged … it was exactly a similar pool there … I expected you would be comin

  2. Tamizhan says:

    naaye it was not a thanni bash alone, it was more than that! And i was not well on that day day…adhunaala thaan varalai…

    next time definitely me wil be there..

  3. Anonymous says:

    sooper da machi….yellaru scudie yuun suresh ku oru “O” podungo….dei O podra!!

  4. senthil says:

    f*** is that you da?

  5. Tamizhan says:

    amaanda fever! we gotta meet up da…but it looks like u r too busy….

  6. hmm ok da … We’ll plan a meet up soon da …

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