Fat – Public Enemy No.1

Everyone has demons. My own private demon has been my weight. If i don’t exercise for a month, i put on a couple of kilos. After joining Great Lakes, I stopped jogging and have put on 7 KILOS.

So, I have declared war on my weight and the battle is joined. I hope to lose at least 3 kilos in the next 2 months. Wish me luck.

Now for the terms i used

StoB – Jog/Jogging
Treppek Lettern – Stair Climbing

Both terms are German, translated using Babelfish

Badri and Andai Raghu figured it out and a single tea awaits them!

To all those fat people out there trying to shed those pounds, I have one piece of advice.

Stop Overeating!


9 Responses to Fat – Public Enemy No.1

  1. harry says:

    good one..anyways andhai told me yesterday..it never occured to me that it was something in german.. any ideas of giving dan brown a run for his money 😉

  2. Bibin says:

    Machaa.. I have an advice to u buddy… Dont eat like a somalian seeing chicken biriyani for the first time.. ;))

  3. Badri says:

    single tea at GRT…ok for me!

  4. Tamizhan says:

    # Haripi dan brownlan irukkatum, andha harry id thaan uruthuthu…enna periya englipis mairaattam oru id?

    # Bibin, I am officially vegetarian da! Enna nee?

    # Badri GRT onga veetuku pakathula oru teastall paerunu theriyum!

    # Madhu, ‘Hmph’ !

  5. Metlin says:

    Btw – it’s Stoß, not StoB. If you want to use a Anglian script, it would be Stoss.


  6. Tamizhan says:

    Yes Metlin, i know. i was too lazy to use the proper character 🙂

  7. Metlin says:

    Alrighty! Sorry, just happen to be a grammar Nazi. 🙂

  8. Siva says:


    Stop over eating, and start exercising!

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