If its War you want, its war you got!

Ever since I quit my job and joined Great Lakes, my sworn enemy has been waging a silent war against me and gaining territory. in the absence of my trusty commander, General Stoß, i have been slowly but surely losing the war.

Its now time to fight back and win back what is rightfully mine. With the help of a powerful new weapon, code-named Treppeklettern, I am determined to win this war, at any cost.

Next broadcast in 24 hrs

Over and out!

If you have discovered who that enemy is, comment. And if you are really smart, you might even discover what my secret weapon is. A small prize awaits the smart person who figures out the secret weapon 😉


6 Responses to If its War you want, its war you got!

  1. harry says:

    s cu die magan,
    naaye manasula enna periya alfred hitchcockunnu ninaippa… hair’aatum(trans in tamil) irukku clue..oru ezhavum puriyala…

    enemy venkatesh prasadaa???
    illati namba accident party VKvaa???

    yaar antha enemy??? who is it??

  2. Badri says:

    Hayo pavam…u need a break da!

  3. Badri says:

    Stoß – translates to Impact in German.
    Treppeklettern – Something related to climbing i guess..

    Is that u have become so lazy these days???
    ellaye ni munadiyum appadi thaane iruntha :))

  4. Theppakukamaa … adhennadaa adhu … overa FPS velaadathannu sonna kekkuriya

  5. anand raghu says:

    eppadi kandu pudichen pathiya…….. adhu

  6. vee-jay says:

    romba somberi ayittengalo…. sleeping too much these days? cant think of anything else 😦

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