Oru Kalluriyin Kolai

Thats what I would do to Nanda Periyasamy, the director of the crappiest Tamil movie of 2005. I am kicking myself for having seen this movie in a theatre. Let me give you a small synopsis. No, actually I am not going to waste my time writing about a shitty movie like this. Even if you are a rabid Arya/Sonia Agarwal fan, please skip this movie, please, please.

To the 7 brave souls who bore the brunt of the movie with me. Friends, I salute you (THANKS for not kicking my ass and also for paying up ;-)). And hey, we will meet again in 5 years and eat Biryani by the Kolam, okva?

To do list after watching OKK (cute abbreviation for a horrible movie)

1. Find out the college watchman’s birthday and celebrate it at midnight.
2. Never tell the heroinee ‘THANKS’, because THANKS implies there is no love.
3. Walk out of class at 12 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon and sight adichify the heroinee.
4. Write down ten things I like and compare with heroinee’s list only to find that both are identical, down to same handwriting.
5. Watch Sethu, just to get the expressions right.

Now, for the saving grace of the movie (every crappy movie has one). Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music enthralls and amazes. Percussion and guitars abound, combined with some heady vocals (KK kicks ass). I am humming Ondrai Sirithu Azhudha Idathil Maru Janmam Edukiromey… as I write this.

I think we should have seen Jetti chi Thotti Jaya instead.


14 Responses to Oru Kalluriyin Kolai

  1. Madhu says:

    Achacho… relax, relax… u shld hv tried to get a review from someone b4 watching the movie… but it’s ok… ditch!
    and i was seriously contemplating watching the movie.. for arya, of course… nee ivlo vehement-a pakka vendam nu solriye… 😦

  2. Madhu says:

    And 2 more things –
    1. I’ve finally blogrolled you.. 🙂
    2. comment panna reply panna matteengala?

  3. Vijaikrishna says:

    Machiii, naanga ellarum sendhu unaku podhu mannipu vazhangitom.

  4. Tamizhan says:

    madhu, THANKS for blogrolling, review in hindu and chennaionline were good 😦 kaasu vaangitaanga nu nanaikiren.

    vijai, nandri hai!

  5. Madhu says:

    seri seri, nanba, vittu thallunga… 🙂

  6. Badri says:

    PANGALI !!! Tension Avatha…Freeyavidu!

  7. harry says:

    u missed one f*ckin thing..
    charu haasan saying “come on..come on”
    heights of irritation
    what abt the frequent doubt in everyone’s mind as to who was the hero…

    someone said sonia agarwal acted brilliantly..i never saw her act anywhere in the film..then how come brilliance exists??? paradox isn’t it??

  8. nagilan says:

    hello.. “the crappiest movie of 2005?”

    yaarunga ongalukku intha athikaram koduthathu? u know how much competiton to that title? and i am sure we have many more contenders coming…

    Oru naal oru kanavu sure is another great contender to this title.. every character in the movie comes with a beard and santhana pottu.. etho guruvayur koilukku pona feeling.. and the story, screenplay.. sucks

    but whenever i see a movie like this in thiruttu vcd, i really feel glad 🙂

  9. machi you remember some madhavan movie we saw in udhumalpet on a tour … we two were the first to run out of the theater … just remembered watching a crap movie

  10. senthil says:

    sonia agarwal… she looks more like a poka vaai paati than a actress…

  11. Wicked Angel says:

    Kumudam has a decent enough review online, adha padichirundhaa indha padatha poi kaasu kuduthu paathirukka maateenga. Never mind, live & learn 🙂

  12. Tamizhan says:

    >Nagilan – so true dude, andha ONOK mega serial naan paakalai, so cannot comment

    >Miltry andha padam paeru ennavaley! marakka mudiyuma?

    >Fever! Janavary Maadham…..


  13. vee-jay says:

    tamizhan, i am hearing mixed reviews on the movie – The media says that the movie is too good to miss. but everybody who have watched the movie say that it sucks bigtime!!! anyways, i dont plan to watch it..

  14. dont watch thoti jaya either or oru naal oru kanavu. both sucks.

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