Vaazhkaila oru VCR button irundhaal…

I was watching RDP today (RDP – Raj Digital Plus, a TV channel that is in perennially in its teens, doesn’t what it is doing, where it is going etc. etc.)

A scene from Mudhalvan strucke me on the head. Pugazhendhi’s dad asks him,

“Vaazhkaila oru VCR button irundhaal evlo nalla irukkum illa pa?” or something to that effect.

A minute later, Pugazhendhi’s parents are killed by a bomb meant for him.

All this drama led me to think, If my life had something like a VCR button, would I go back and change anything?

Would you change anything if you had the opportunity to? If so, what would it be? (Ok now this sounds like a B School Application form question)


3 Responses to Vaazhkaila oru VCR button irundhaal…

  1. I’d have asked you not to post this question 😛

    Machi look for some tags on my site for you

  2. Siva says:


    Change is the only thing that’s constant… Why would i want to change anything in my past??

    Read the Gita mamu!!

  3. Madhu says:

    well, scudie, why change anything in our past? Take life as it comes is my policy.. as siva sums it neatly ‘Read the Gita mamu!!’

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