Microsoft + Google = Apple!

Google has announced its Sidebar. A replacement for ordinary Windows search and intended to be an alternative interface to the web, Sidebar strikes directly at the heart of Microsoft.

Microsoft has a sidebar in the next version of Windows (Longhorn/Vista). While there have been freeware apps which do similar things for Windows, this is the first effort by a large company to duplicate the Vista Sidebar.

The Sidebar can accept “widgets”, search for mail, files and visited webpages and also contains a scratchpad.

The most important feature, however, is inspired by Mac OS X Spotlight. As all you mac junkies will know, Spotlight searches not only files, it also searches applications and system preferences. So if you search for Word in Spotlight, it will show Microsoft Word as a search result. Windows folks,trust me, once you get used to this feature, you cannot do without it.

Needless to say, Sidebar incorporates this feature. No more clicking on Start menu guys…So go ahead and try it out!


3 Responses to Microsoft + Google = Apple!

  1. I’ve already installed it machi … Its simply great … did you notice the support for Atom feeds … It will also work as an aggregator now … yet to follow plugins for this wonderful app.

  2. Tamizhan says:

    natpu naan innum install pannala da. i use mac os x on my ibook so…must install it on the home pc but i am running on 800×600 at home so this wil eat up a lot of screen area 😦

  3. Siva says:

    It’s not just the side bar that will signal the death for the next generation of OSs… The future’s gonna be one whole set of OSs, that are just oriented towards the Internet. Tiger’s already there… atleast close. Google will soon come out with one. 🙂

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