Who says elephants can’t dance?

Mangal Pandey.

I cannot believe I spent a Hundred Rupees on that excuse of a movie. The story was crap, there were a LOT of historical inaccuracies and a lot of songs that did not need to be there.

Picture this.

A revolt is brewing among the sepoys of Behrampore (oh by the way, Behrampore is in West Bengal, but no one speaks Bengali. There is one more Behrampore. Its in ORISSA). They do not want to use the catridges made of cow or pig fat. The British decide to bring in reinforcements from Rangoon. A Queens regiment of British soldiers to quell the “mutiny”.

Interesting huh?

So what do the sepoy leaders do? Try to get more arms? Try to train and ready themselves for the battle ahead?


This is a Hindi movie guys! There has to be a Holi song SOMEWHERE….So its here. They all celebrate holi and the hero and heroine dance and make merry. Even try to throw color on some British officers. Unbelievable. How cliched can this movie get?

Oh another thing. Just to make the movie international, guess what they have thrown in? No, not Toby Stephens. The ever present Elephant.

Kamal Hassan’s Hey Ram had an elephant too. It was shown twice in the Calcutta scenes of the movie. Once it was shown next to its dead mahout, not knowing what to do, now that it was free. The next scene showed the elephant taking its Ankush in its own trunk, symbolizing Democracy. Now thats what I call good symbolism.

The Rising has an elephant and some guys on it singing ‘Mangal Mangal’. Boring.

Can you believe The Rising actually has a girl-on-girl dance in a song? Thats right folks, only Sati was forbidden in 1857, not lesbianism.

A word about Toby Stephens. He is talented. He has worked hard on his hindi diction and it shows. I enjoyed his acting.

I could go on and on about this shitty movie, but I am sure you get the idea.

Thanks to all those birthday wishes! When I have enough money, a treat will materialize…


6 Responses to Who says elephants can’t dance?

  1. Hey Good machi, you told me its scrap, I was planning to go to this movie. You saved my wallet. I thought it would not be a regular hindi movie.

  2. Vijaikrishna says:

    Maama, apapo college pakkam varadhu. Unna pathi college la pesara news ellam keekavenaama nee ?

    Btw, we r goin to Mangal Pandey tomorrow. Prasad sponsor.

  3. Madhu says:

    Scudie!!! I’ve been killing myself trying to write some html code in this comment.. Blogger keeps telling me that I can’t include such html code in a comment!! Grrrr….

    Alrite, I’m replacing all of the with ( and ). Pls change it b4 putting it in ur template… and here’s what you need to do…

    include this bit
    ($blogcommentauthor$)said… (br /)

    before this code in ur template
    (p style=”padding-left:15px”)($BlogCommentBody$)

    Your comments should now appear as
    saravana kumar said…
    (the comment body)

    Let me know if this doesn’t seem to work. We’ll figure out smth else.

  4. critical opinion of M.P,we have to see and decide
    what abt aamir khan?

  5. Tamizhan says:

    hey madhu thanks for the help. i can see the authors on the page where u post a comment (where i am typin right now. but on the page before this one, no authors 😦

    Neways, thanxa bunch

  6. Madhu says:

    huh… what exactly would the ‘page before this one’ be??? it appears fine to me!!

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