Independence Day

What meaning does it carry for me? What is the average Indian free from?

Poverty? Censorship? Women’s rights?

Have we just replaced our foreign tyrants with desi ones?

I have a problem with having a holiday for Independence Day. I asked my friends this question. H said, “this day is a holiday because we must spend the day remembering the men who got us this freedom and the sacrifices they made.”

I ask you, what do you think a leader like Mahakavi Barathi or Kappal Ottiya Tamizhan VOC would think of sitting at home on August 15 and watching Sun TV?

I want freedom. Freedom from laziness, freedom from procrastination, freedom from disinterest in the electoral process, freedom from having to think twice about the quality of a product before buying it.

The list is long, the tasks in front of India loom huge. Whew, this is tiring! Let us declare a holiday and go watch a movie.


7 Responses to Independence Day

  1. Humans are never free. Never been and never will. What independance we see is a political independance. Like you said and said it well, once were from laziness, procrasination, and free from corruption, then we can be free.

    happy independance day bro, im celebrating mine on the 31st. But i feel proud of being an indian.

  2. Wanna be part of the history.

    If youre interested then join the 2050 project.

  3. hi, thanx bro, gimme ur email add so i can send the invite.

  4. Priyamvada_K says:

    I too have felt this way before. Read Kiran Bedi’s biography “I Dare”, and you’ll look at August 15 in a different way. A truly inspiring Indian!

    P.S: thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comments.

  5. Militry says:

    I thought of it all my life machi, the problem is everywhere in the society. from people getting addicted to pornographic content to daily serials. what good things are the above things on media doing except degrading the society. for each egoistic individual to perceive a change I think the entire society has to change. probably no one today know the meaning of dharma or the right way of living, people dont know the difference between good and bad. the definition of bad is generally considered by people as good. I mean to say people have become fools, ya stupid fools

    all these words ponderance of a meek intellect who could do nothing to change what he desires around him. now I just believe in the words “yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya”

  6. Madhu says:

    ellarum edhedho serious comments ellam vittirukanga… I know mine might sound out of place… heck, do I care… seri, post ellam ok… ungaluku Ind. Day annaiku leave illa… U had to attend class… adhanala dhana ipdi oru blog? unmaiya othukonga!

  7. Tamizhan says:

    not at all. i prefer not to have a holiday on independence day. as it is, India has one of the highest number of holdays in the world. affects our productivity, dont you see?

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