A new look!

Just wanted a change…Tell me how it looks. Maybe i’ll change it if you guys feel differently.

i for one thinks its kinda BUSY.


3 Responses to A new look!

  1. Miliitry says:

    Machi the page is looking good, however I have some suggestions if you have some time for research.

    Hmm machi me for my part spent 10s of hours before the template code, so I think I will be eligible enough to tell you enhancements.

    1. Space utilization: The templates that you presently see in blogger fits perfectly on a 800*600 screen, but from my webstats (http://www.webstat.com/) I see that 75 % of people use 1024*768 resolution, next in the list is 1280*1024. 800*600 stands at mere 8 %. On a high resolution screen, you would see lot of white spaces which are unutilized. It would make lot of sense to utilize the maximum possible area on the blog.

    Try tweaking the existing css code on the template. a bit of caution though :- backup your template; look for this code

    look for this code [ width: 428px; ] The total width is 700 px. you need to tweak both these values and see how the space utilization improves.

  2. Madhu says:

    Well… I came to say the new template looks good but am amazed at miliitry’s comment… phew… vitta blog-e edhudhiduvar poliruke!!

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