Night out!

If you are thinking it was with a girl, unfortunately no. I was studying MicroEconomics 😦

While digging for info, I found this awesome page on the Japanese economic system…

Japan, Refutation of Neoliberalism

Here is an excerpt, for those too lazy to go to another page,

“A Non-Socialist Centrally Planned Economy

Japan is something that is virtually impossible by definition within the frame of reference of neoliberal economics: a non-socialist state-directed system. To over-simplify a bit, it is a centrally-planned capitalist economy.

Neoliberal economists are dimly aware of the fact that fascist and Nazi economics were centrally-planned but not socialist, but they tend to dismiss these economic systems because of the attendant political horrors and have made precious little effort to develop rigorous theoretical accounts of how they worked. As we shall see, the Japanese system has achieved many of the things the fascists wanted.”



4 Responses to Night out!

  1. Badri says:

    Superda…Onnum Puriyala!

  2. thats why they are where they are. And they have this attitude of no negotiation/ no surrender. Theyre bussiness is hugely influenced by ‘wise old men’. Its some king of feudalism of the eastern world.

    But lately, theyre becoming abit more 21st century liberal in the sense, theyre opening up to more people (young, freshies) which is virtually impossible decades back. And they want achievment that can be passed to their own kids rather than worshiping it, which in turn floods their marked with all hell goods (imagine a 1001 different type of cellphone doing the same thing). Thats neo-liberalism.

    By the way, if ure interested, plz head to: and join the 2050 The Future blog. Ill send u an invitation if you want.

  3. Madhu says:

    please tell me I’m not expected to understand any of that…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gp, interesting…Madhu, if you do some kinda mgmt course or some economics course, this stuff is easier to understand…

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