Re-engineering Human Potential

This actually happened in the above mentioned class…

The Prof was the person who had interviewed me for admission into Great Lakes.

Prof: What is one thing you want from life?
Me:Personal satisfaction from what I am doing.
(Thinking: Thats the same answer I gave in the Personal Interview, can’t go wrong on this one)

Prof: Why do you want personal satisfaction?
Me:Because it will make sure that when I get up everyday I look forward to the day at work.
(Thinking: Hmm, This is deep…)

Prof: Why do you want to look forward to each day?
Me:Because I don’t want to feel like “oh man, do I really have to go to work today?”
(Thinking: Ahaa, ivanga kekkarudhu Vadivelu dialogue maari irukke???)

Prof: Why wouldn’t you feel like going to work everyday?
Me: Because work usually sucks, that’s why. Unless you are a ski instructor with a hot chick to coach every morning, work usually sucks.
(Thinking: maybe even a ski instructor’s job sucks, gotta ask one of ’em)

Prof: Why does work suck?
Me:Because I am not interested in what I am doing?
(Thinking: Enna Idhallan? Chinna Pullathanamaa illa irrukku!)

Prof: Why are you not interested in what you are doing?
Me: Is this a trick question?
(Thinking: Gotta blog this, open Mail, mailto:******

In other news,

Cisco is trying to buy Nokia


One Response to Re-engineering Human Potential

  1. Aaha … Is the prof teaching you management ? I think its the vice-versa 😛

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